Cliff diving…

Vicky and I in Costa RIca in 2006
I wore a hardhat the last time I did something crazy in Costa Rica. I was scared to death — guess I still am.

Honesty will be a prime focus in this blog, so let me reveal something about myself… I’m 25, and a Twihard. Yes, yes this next stage of my life will hopefully be lived with intention and purpose so maybe Twilight won’t make the cut, but for the past several years, it has. Unordered Twilight marathons have happened in my house on many a hungover Sunday morning.

So back to cliff diving. Bella made it the cool thing to do in New Moon, but cliff diving does look awesome. It’s the kind of adrenaline-fueled, semi-nonsensical sort of thing that I wish I could do more of (as in, apart from a skydiving stint and a drunken burn incident, I haven’t done many – let’s be honest).

The jump I’m taking now seems similar to a cliff dive, although death is a bit less likely, and financial losses a bit more probable.

I’m pumped, almost packed, and so ready. Six days and I’m off!

Edward Cullen, if you’d like to show up after I jump, you’re more than welcome.

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