Opening, Closing Gifts [.streamingpoem.]

his eyes
amber green orange-yellow
soft brown

a mouth
that shimmered as he spoke
a grill
behind El Salvadorian teeth

a nose
german, hooked like mine
mole on the right side

along the canyon creek
we spoke, the sun
blazing bright hot dry
on neon leaves above
my head

a stone
rope-tied to a cowboy hat
above his crown, home

gifted with knowing
thoughts, pain
made bewildered by the
unconsciousness of others
this man sought refuge
advice from a sage, how might he
close his heart
of feeling

under a cascade
a waterfall, he said
for 30 days, he said
opened his mind
letting the cool mist build towers
walls of protection
to shield from the blows
the noise

for 30 days he begged
gods for release
remove the unknown
the fire flames burning, bring
peace silence stillness
from the power of knowing

16 earth-cycles
passed, powers gone

yet in his sleep
he opens a door to the purple blue
universe, light sky

each eve elders circle the table
of energy, not form
three hundred of them
welcome my friend
at the fire

each day
back in a bed, sunshine, alarms
he opens awakened eyes
to an unknowing world
and walks, moves, with
golden heart oxen hands

I beg him
to explore, more, without fear
stand up in your power
bravery, risk, original wildness
ask to know, I said
once more, I said
and know

I will be back
connected, connecting
and the cerulean sky encouraging

We step back
into spaces
of growth, of darkness lightness growing

One final glisten
his eyes
and mine

I soften, gasp, knowing
this man
this gift
this truth in me
a softness
a mission


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