people are innocent when they’re about to fly [poem]

i watch people and their people’ness play out in buildings
built to keep people structured in the last moments before they fly

a heavy adult man makes faces into a FaceTime screen to… a child or wife or mistress on the side? it’s cute either way.

new friends become friends near a burger in the airport bar without ever knowing names. she plugged in his phone.

a woman in dress pants flaps a stiletto heel from her foot, toward a well-dressed suited man. i suspect she has a delayed flight, with only time and men to kill.

young children trail behind a parent with pillow pets and a pink backpack, creased lines on her forehead. i feel you, girl(s).

an international first-timer, stopped, staring at the departures sign.

can you imagine what they feel?
i wonder if they
regret the wings that
brought them to this land.

people are innocent when they’re about to fly

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