you are enlightened, said guruji, i tossed it back from the shore [poem]

the swans and eagles visited
when i lobbed your firestone
into indian lake
took a second time, god tests me
i listen to my voice
more than his

baptised by my own free will
in that indian lake
if ganga wouldn’t take me
by golly, maybe kitch-iti-kippi
the icy freshwater spring can kill

unsure if the second choice was just
or if ’twas first, that did bring it back

which rhythm, songbird, shall you sing
you dove in after the second rock
fan of leaping, living for the taking

and poof!, that is that, small splash

in throwing him the second time
a gift of bluestone, green, from black
when i looked upon the shore, still there, offering love

i’m making a new choice this time
not gold, not black something, pure

there’s an unknown majesty in allowing right to be
just what it offers, balance, joy, safe and security
with trust and giving and getting and growing

and we shall see how many
years will pass by, before you come again

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