somehow, you ended up here.

me, too.

we’re together in our surprise.

what could you need to know?
in some ways, I am just like you

conceived in the cosmic midwest
criss-cross-country in utero
stir up the seed, why don’t we
passed praries and mountains to cedars and sea

some say it looks like emeralds


birthed in a white room
interns watched
my parents named me

dried-up river crust, gray
regaining conciousness, kambo healing
frog medicine with drums and feathers


four dots on my heart, palms
open before eyes
sun streamed

        god said

your name is Light, luz
nature is your teacher
you are a healer with your hands and your voice


the next day i told a friend i didn’t like my name
never had felt like a robin, he smiled
you were always born to be, songbird

two hands
a voice
both given names
i am now


i realized there is no shame in being honest there is op shame in being vulnerable it's the beauty of being human