old-begin here

somehow, you ended up here.

me, too.

we’re together in our surprise.

The writing on this site changes as the years go by, never continuing at the pace and cadence I anticipate. So is my journey. It’s still nice to be. ❤

Early 2014 I compiled a list of some high-traffic posts from that point and earlier. Back then, it was mostly travel and yoga-inspired advice blogs (that are super rad in their own right, read them!). Now it’s mostly travel and yoga-inspired poetry or flowing prose. I’m a human mom now (good launch point into my new writing). I was a dog mom then (long, but inspiring launching point into my old stuff). My most popular posts:

And a prayer of my heart:

  • Calling for space [poem]. As I grow older, when I drop into my deepest self before the keyboard, prayer is often when I write… This is a poem about longing for connection and reunion to source, to self.

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