Good Reads

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There are some posts on HonestGreenJeans seeing a lot of traffic lately. Here are a few of your faves.

Around the web
Below are some websites I highly recommend for learning how to live more consciously in today’s disconnected world.

  • — Much of my daily encouragement comes from this website. The women who make this are amazing.
  • — I love this site! I get my yoga goodies here, and tips on living well and happy and full.
  • — A simple story-filled website about practical wisdom for the modern age.
  • — A great holistic magazine full of ideas on spirituality, wellness, yoga, and life.
  • — The full-picture wellness site, with ideas for fitness and nutrition, mental health, conscious living, and more.
  • — This is the permaculture farm I lived at late 2012/early 2013. They do great things. Check out the site and then go volunteer there. It will change your life.

On my bookshelf
I love to read despite the fact that my fidgeting feet rarely make the time to settle into the printed word. However, there are some beautiful books I’d love to share.

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