is today’s working poet

not much but

a journalist marketing her art

copy in darkness and in light

wearing black, wearing smoke

sadistic love of alliteration

praise if not understanding

rhetorrick’ing audience

can you hear what she sees

as newsprint under-fills a cup

requesting water for its grounds

lying at rock bottom

is this the eye [poem?]

dog diedfather liedyou’ve been asked to walk alone gurujiyellow homecharras in the window forest treescome with mebanyan draped so heavenly scooter ridewant to diewent so fast around the curves feet in windowbutt on seatfingers barely find the keys breath wonder when I’ll find my feetagain Many times I’ve sat to write. The journal is better… Continue reading is this the eye [poem?]

grateful for the floor [poem]

one thing I have quickly come to knownothing kills you slowerthan letting someone go grateful for the floorthat holds mein a time like this grateful for the woodsthe man with steady hands grateful for the brushthe pen, the words written and playedinto ears as i wait i will wait so desperately fuck. // thanks zach… Continue reading grateful for the floor [poem]

the rise of you again [poem]

a new old light in my smilewhywas it the kiss of the man I was meant tobe withwho I kissed almost first, and who I’d love to kiss lastthe strangeness in our mouths, a welcome home toour bodiesperhaps it’s when we stop performing proving and decide on settlinginto the sweetness of a human life, without pushing back… Continue reading the rise of you again [poem]

crabmeat chuckles, finally [poem]

as the sticks of crabmeatslippery from themselves and the waterI rinsed them with in a swirlslipped across the plate, one landedall by itself on the center metal ridge ofthe steel two-basin sink.there it was, a shaft off pollock andegg whites, dressed as king crabwet and floppy near a spongey yellow towelI chuckled, the joy in… Continue reading crabmeat chuckles, finally [poem]

humble pie served up online [poem]

the moderator wears bracesi imagine these are new, a covid offeringnow you can hide your metal smile behind the mask, closed doorstime to rebuild your face what a shame story the music of an orientation videobegins, i start to cry, pausemy video, can’t show othersthe soapbox i once stood onnow here i am, grounded

therapy again [poem]

therapy is going well, we all agree I smoked twice today though, also truefinished off my self-medicating stash with a dance party to The Weeknd balanced iPad recorded my efforts. head nod.  two therapists, two paradigms of healing, and my own acknowledgingan intellectual mind loves to sparwith like minds, developing beings playing nice to pay the bills. head… Continue reading therapy again [poem]

nature is my home [simple poem]

Surround me with stone and citysociety, structure of man —I’ll still find my way. To rock and water, earth and trees, mossy meadows, sand — home to bugs, birds, me.

a morning with me breathing [poetic invitation]

enjoy a morning with me breathingwhile our world is turning stillsee here …exhale… lightthere is movement in the wind silence in the stillest placesand even smaller still, wisdomin the rocks below, and in youmy friend, in you

you sexy crescent moon [poem]

you hook me with your tipas i’m driven under you and insidemadness, taxi, tuk tuks, Delhi you do not hidefrom faces of women in dupattas, men in turbans, cows dawdlingdead on the roadside look into me, you sexy crescent moonlow, gazing wildy, heart and hara, hot and prickedjust above sugarcane fields forever are you waxing,… Continue reading you sexy crescent moon [poem]

india’s evenings remember [poem]

india’s evenings rememberhold the heat on copper, above a saffron glowemerald trees witness from mango gardensblue skies now gray behind cooking smoke and hazeaarthi melodies cricket bat crack crack crackschatting and chirping away like birds at young soulsdelights for wandering ears and eyesquick to claim understanding, a purposeintention care systems for saving the way   … Continue reading india’s evenings remember [poem]

you can forget the words– artist you yogi you writer you–once you’ve gotten the meaning [ram dass poetic teaching]

(ram dass said chuang tzu said) the rabbit snare exists because of the rabbit.once you’ve gotten the rabbit, you can forget the snare.words exists because of meaning.once you’ve gotten the meaning, you can forget the words where can i find a man who has forgotten words so i can have word with him?you don’t have… Continue reading you can forget the words– artist you yogi you writer you–once you’ve gotten the meaning [ram dass poetic teaching]

you are enlightened, said guruji, i tossed it back from the shore [poem]

the swans and eagles visitedwhen i lobbed your ancient firestone in that indian lake thousand years of resurfacing took a second time, god tests me i listen to my voice more than his baptised by my own free willin that indian lake if ganga wouldn’t take me by golly, maybe kitch-iti-kippi the icy freshwater spring… Continue reading you are enlightened, said guruji, i tossed it back from the shore [poem]

love is love [poetic teaching]

what is it, you say (baba ram dass), about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE? when we’re in the presence of UNCONDITIONAL LOVEour hearts experience joy and expansion, whichis UNCONDITIONAL LOVEand within experiencing it, we’e free to beas WE NATURALLY ARE, LOVE and so, you say (baba ram dass) THE HEART will lead your authentic EXPANSION if we allow… Continue reading love is love [poetic teaching]

golden cosmic wisdom water cannot pour from empty cups. tibet, i see you. [poem]

silent and stillupon the plateau can you imagine what it’s like? just. beings. just. being.vessels of golden cosmic wisdom waterready to enlighten         who can pour from an empty cup? man wants just the taking, of the taking of the mannot leaving lone magnificence, righteous rightswisdom is free for all, and withinjust.… Continue reading golden cosmic wisdom water cannot pour from empty cups. tibet, i see you. [poem]

how to shatter a ribcage [poem]

the magnificence of stars, colddraw those shoulders uptotheearstrapezius active, terrifiedwrap those ribwingsround the heart, keptprotected, warm by fear and powerin the bones wow what a feeling wearing wings, bold, strongyou know how strong is the human ribcage? (links open in new tabs; i know you want to know; don’t leave; i’m still here)is yours as… Continue reading how to shatter a ribcage [poem]

if i shall be enslaved [poem]

take me to the artists’ queuelet us try to break needs and chainswith color, if not, with death if something shall enraptureme, be it a demise of formattempt to bear witnessif nothing else, on the long pathto the bottomof the middle

scared now of the sound [poem]

scared now of the moving soundchime, blowing, breaking trees voices come not from this placeabove nor belowcan it be just simple soundtrue messages from ground close the shuttershunker, bunker, take itdown

the wet heavy velvet wind [poem]

the wet heavy velvet windpulls herself through the hemlockcurtains, boughs floatingon the waving carpetup low down up low down up stone forest trees, shortwearing coats, beautiful, warmstorm after storm, weatheringheads down, huddle closedefectors are the first to go did you see the beech leaves turnfrom yellow to gold to brownbefore they fell to the groundturning… Continue reading the wet heavy velvet wind [poem]

chobani enlightenment [poem]

your feet pound the faux-wood floorpace, pick up, forget as right foot stepschobani, strawberry pieces, redanimal rage so strong, little man your anger, your fire, youthat you found along the path of lovenow as it casts stones at your sondoes it feel good to burn, mama?         you gulp sour spit at… Continue reading chobani enlightenment [poem]

the big, deep, spring [poem]

for twenty-five new dawnsi propose a mid-day drivesomething to look forward to the big, deep, springnot far from where i lay my headbeside gray-brown heavy curlsof my now toddler son we went on a drive today it snow and was the first time since it stopped, not that long agotoday it arrive, arrived, and arrived… Continue reading the big, deep, spring [poem]

You bowed to me [poem]

how many days have you walked into my room, rice on a tray, dal, quiet as a mouse careful not to wake my sleeping son while seeing my mess, some shame an american queen, closet concubine, waiting for the work to be done at a desert hotel with a pool today for lunch I demanded… Continue reading You bowed to me [poem]

I longed to be a beautiful woman [poem] // tale of our first solo scooty adventure in the desert

I caught my shadow on the single-lane asphalt road with broken rocky shoulders that drew a line south in the Thar, save a few curves of sanddunes drifting across the surface. My head was tightly wrapped in an emerald green pashmina from Jaipur, the scarf tail dancing behind our bodies roughly one hundred kilometers from… Continue reading I longed to be a beautiful woman [poem] // tale of our first solo scooty adventure in the desert

The fall [poem]

my father-like fingers, hands protruding veins, short nails, tips red, holding, entangling in pushing aside you sweaty hair colored like a taupe rabbit soft like an underbelly quick to cut, to bleed my mother’s mouth, lips wet, warm whispering breath, apology song, tears on your face, now quivering bruised from the bang on marble floor,… Continue reading The fall [poem]

Worth, part 1 [poem]

what is my worth?         she asks me, a good idea from the shower, she says.         she struggles too, with depth, an eagerness to know         both of us pulling clothes from the line, sandy feet shuffle on the marble rooftop        … Continue reading Worth, part 1 [poem]

Two loads in a partial-automatic [poem]

Pressed against the concrete wall Beneath our dripping laundry Entitlement, arrogance Ashamed at the abundance Of both For 32 years I’ve known that Only machines, mothers Do my washing And now who am I to be But that – Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India // March 2019

Titus Lake, Idaho [poem]

Moments spent in the waking world, alone with nature, are some of my very favorite moments of all. 😊✨🌀🌎🌿🌞❤️ Because it’s 8 am and you’re at a Rocky Mountain lake you’ve never been to before with only your golden dog and a few chipmunks and deer and dozens of birdsongs as company you shrug off… Continue reading Titus Lake, Idaho [poem]

My practice [poem]

❤ new poetry ❤ I read this quote [Our spiritual practice should ” … feel as natural to slip into as our favorite jeans or T-shirt, at ease both with being worn and being worn out.” — Robert Augustus Masters] and I reflected on my favorite spiritual practice. ❤ Yes sir, I’m down with my… Continue reading My practice [poem]

My Story… in sentences…

…written about my life through age 26. Here I am, 3 years later, with chapters more to tell… wishing I would have shared more then, and determined to share more now… — I’ll warn you that the story I’m about to tell often isn’t pretty. It’s not a fairy-tale or romance novel. It’s complicated, confusing,… Continue reading My Story… in sentences…